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Why Use Iconic American Imports

as your Vehicle Import Broker ?


 Our service is designed to provide consistent quality, a reliable and efficient export service at an affordable rate.


Iconic American Imports has gained a reputation for honesty and professionalism that is second

to none.  























Compared to a vehicle dealer, whose job is to sell you a specific vehicle they

already own, a vehicle import broker (or vehicle import agent) sources all vehicles to order —
they do not own them!


This means we are always on YOUR side and there is no conflict of interest in

telling you the true condition and km's of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.


Unlike other brokers or agents, Iconic American Imports offers many years of experience which can save you time, money and stress, we will find you the best possible vehicle for your budget. 

Iconic American Imports, organize the vehicle import process so that it works efficiently

and we will do everything in our power to help eliminate any risks, that purchasing a vehicle abroad can have.















There are many simple mistakes a first-time importer could make, some of these include:


: Importing a car that is not eligible for import (penalty of up to $12,000).

: Importing a car that can’t be complied due to poor condition (that can never be registered)

: Using an overseas company that may be dishonest, or doesn’t really exist (car never arrives)

: Getting hit with unnecessary Quarantine cleaning, transport, and re-inspection costs.

: Getting overcharged on compliance costs, "We offer our trade cost".

: Delays with Import Approval (or didn’t apply at all)

: Delays due to importing without the proper gas exemption.

: Not obeying the latest asbestos laws.

: Delayed clearance and possible wharf storage fees.

Any of these could end up costing a great deal more than our service fee, particularly if

you buy a vehicle that is ineligible for import, can’t be complied for road use due to poor condition, or simply never arrives.


Iconic American Imports will protect you from all these mistakes.


Our service is designed to provide consistent quality and a reliable and efficient export

service for a reasonable price.


Iconic America Imports has gained a reputation for honesty and reliability that is second

to none. We only deal with reputable companies in the USA to ensure the process runs

as smoothly as possible and your vehicle is safe.


We know how to get the best vehicles for the best prices, and can also target those that

are likely to be bargains.


We can advise you on the most cost-effective and reliable import method for your

situation.  If you are unsure of what model to choose we can advise you on that also,

as we have personally owned many of the popular imports.


Our clients often save money on compliance thanks to trade prices through our workshop contacts.


 After importing many of our own vehicles over the years, we understand the excitement of buying a new vehicle and that you want it to arrive as soon as possible. 

We provide regular updates to you throughout the process.


Vehicles manufactured prior to 1989 which do not have any major modifications can be imported under the pre: 1989 scheme. Any modifications should be reported to the department of infrastructure to determine if approval will be granted, as they will check the internet for advertisements, on the vehicle and decline the permit and demand the modifications removed. If your American car arrives without a import permit, it cannot pass through the customs border and will be ordered for re-export or destruction.
ICONIC AMERICAN IMPORTS MAKES SURE, ALL THE NECESSARY PAPER WORK AND PERMITS ARE IN PLACE PRIOR TO SHIPPING, so you can sit back and relax while you wait for your vehicle to arrive at your destination.



We understand that importing seems like a daunting process; Iconic American Imports makes the experience, not only easy, but an affordable way to get the American Muscle Car, Pick Up Truck or Motor Bike you've always dreamed of.

Here are some of the important features of our service, that set us apart from the competition.

Our experienced team, at Iconic American Imports, will inspect and purchase vehicles on your behalf.
No matter where your vehicle is located in the US, Iconic American Imports will organise to have your vehicle transported to our indoor holding facility.
Iconic American Imports takes care of all the necessary DOCUMENTATION and ASBESTOS REMOVAL, required to import your vehicle, from the US to Australian soil.
Using an experienced importer, such as Iconic American Imports will make the whole process run smoothly.

We believe in doing it right the first time, to eliminate any issues customs may have!

What do our clients say about us?

The general is finally here !! I would like to give a massive thank you to the team at Iconic American Imports for looking after the build-in California, And the whole process of importing her into Australia and for taking care of the whole process in a seamless manner, you guys are legends and I couldn’t be happier !! 

Brad, NSW

Thank you to the team at Iconic American Imports, for your professional service, during the whole process of importing my Chevy Chevelle. I could not have done it without you all!

Gavin, Vic

We would like to thank the team at Iconic American Imports, for the fast and professional service, that was presented to us through out the whole sourcing and importing process! Our  1955 Ford F100 is everything we hoped for and more...

John, QLD

Custom Built 1969 Dodge Charger for a client in NSW

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Iconic American Imports has gained a reputation for honesty and professionalism that is second to none.  

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