About the owners of Iconic American Imports

Vas & Nadene

Vas’s passion for Australian and American Muscle cars

started in his early twenties when he and his brother Nick owned a service station in Adelaide,

with Nick being the mechanic, who’s knowledge with building fast, reliable engines and

Vas’s love for fast cars together they started building performance / show cars.

The first car they built together was a magnificent show quality 1972 HQ 2 door Holden Monaro Coupe,

the head photographer of Performance Street Car Magazine

was so impressed with the car, they decided to publish Vas’s Monaro on the cover and double page centrefold of the Dec 87 / Jan 88 edition.

Vas’s 1972 HQ Monaro, continued to impress the fast car world and went on to be the main lead car selected to lead the Formula 1 cars for the parade lap of the very first

Australian Grand Prix held in Adelaide in 1989.

Vas & Nadene's passion for muscle cars was fast and furious......

Resulting in Iconic American Imports being born after Vas & Nadene decided to use a

car broker & importing company to ship a car for him from the US,

they noticed how messy the process was,

the company offered Vas & Nadene little support and the costs ended up being more than initially quoted, which resulted in Vas & Nadene being very disappointed with the whole process and decided that they could offer their clients a stress free process with all costs discussed and agreed upon up front.

The end results for Iconic American Imports clients is a stress-free sourcing and importing process.

Iconic American Imports keep their clients informed throughout the whole process,

no stone is left un-turned,

Iconic American Imports does it right the first time!

We abide by the Australian asbestos and compliance laws

which avoids any added costs and heartache once your vehicle arrives in Australia,


With the processes Iconic American Imports have put in place,

Iconic American Imports have saved many clients form handing over thousands of dollars to scammers,

as you can imagine our clients are very grateful for Iconic American Imports knowledge of the American playground

and their alert senses when it comes to smelling a rat!!!

Iconic American Imports goes above and beyond for their clients......

Nadene herself has been in the importing business for many years,

importing goods from many countries into Australia,

in August 2006 she imported her first vehicle into Australia,

she too knows that to make the process as seamless as possible you have to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

If you are considering purchasing an American Muscle Car, Bike or Pick Up Truck

contact us today, you will not be disappointed!