Sourcing & Importing a
Chevrolet C/K to Australia

1967 Chevrolet CK

1974  Chevrolet CK

Sourcing & Importing a Chevrolet C/K from the US to Australia.

Iconic American Imports has access to a wide range of quality Chevrolet C/K's across the USA and Canada. Our extensive network in America and Canada allows us to assist our valued clients in locating their dream Chevy C/K.



  Our Services Include:



   : Sourcing
   : Price Negotiating
   : Mechanical Inspections
: Secure Handover

   : US / Canada Land Transport
   : AUS Government Vehicle Import Approval

   : Storage
   : Asbestos Checks
   : Fumigation
   : AQIS Preparation
   : Packing
   : US Customs Clearance
   : Shipping

   : Insurance
   : Unpacking 
   : AUS Customs Clearance

   : AQIS clearance and delivery

Shipping Your American Muscle Car From The US To Aus

InlandTransport From Seller To Our Holding Yard

Container Packing