1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero $13,995 USD
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Here's one seriously cool bit of automotive history in motion that comes along at a great price. This
1962 Ford Ranchero represents the first model to roll out in a revolutionary half-car, half-truck
configuration that made it easy to climb in and drive while standing by ready, willing and able to haul
burdens as needed. It's looking sharp both inside and out and is armed with a period correct engine
under its hood that's running in fine form.
When it was introduced, the Ranchero broke quite a few automotive industry rules. Built off an
automobile assembly line yet sold via Ford's truck division, it was a definite hit with both the
automotive press and the American buying public. This '62 features a clean white exterior that does
it proud - it was repainted a while back and the work performed has held up well, so it has a slick
texture and a great shine. Take a peek up close and you'll see that this Ford is in impressive shape for
a car more than 55 years old - it remains solid-looking and well-aligned, with a hood and doors that
open and close smoothly and show nice, even gaps. It's not only come through the decades strong,
but it also remains in stock configuration. Its full array of exterior fittings, including both the front
and rear bumpers, side mirrors and door handles, were all replaced and look great as they sit
alongside original trim and badges that also present well.
The updated interior waiting inside the doors is a definite winner - it features a hard to find balance
of vintage appeal with a tasteful amount of aftermarket customization added. The bench seat now
wears a snug fitting leather cover that's very much in keeping with the style of this Ranchero's era
and has yet to show any creasing or discoloration from use - there's also a little bit of interior storage
space just behind it that will likely come in handy. The door panels, as well as the headliner above,
really look clean and were no doubt recently added. Farther forward, the original steering wheel sits
on a column that, along with the dash area just behind it, has seen the prepping it needed to leave it
with a smooth tan surface, and the pad running the width of the cabin has a custom wrap that adds
to the overall appearance of the interior. The instrument panel is crystal clear and offers gauges that
all function as intended. Just in front of the bench seat, the manual shifter has been relocated from
its original position on the column and now sits within easy reach. The bed area is in great shape,
with no damage in sight from shifting cargo over the years.
A 200 cubic inch incline 6, known as the "Thriftpower 6" in its day, sits below the hood in an orderly
engine compartment. It received a tune-up just recently and is in very good form, starting right up
with a turn of the ignition key and running very smoothly. It pairs with a 4-speed manual
transmission to make for a highly functioning vintage drivetrain that's very much up to the demands
of frequent driving. This nicely restored classic rolls on a set of black steel wheels wrapped with Toyo
tires. The undercarriage below appears to be in just the solid condition you'd expect based on the
rest of the car.
Well restored and running with confidence-inspiring smoothness, this 1962 Ford Ranchero is a
seldom seen classic whose model represented an adventurous deviation from the norm. Call today!
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1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero