Upgraded Dodge Ram DT 1500 (NEW MODEL) available exclusively at Platinum Auto Group!

The brand-new Dodge Ram is truly a game changer!
Be one of the first in Australia to get your hands on the Upgraded Dodge Ram DT 1500.
Built tough with luxury finishes this vehicle is the ideal truck for any businessman who requires a reliable workhorse with the capability to withstand whatever our down-under terrain can throw at it whilst still maintaining ultimate style and comfort.
With an impressive 390hp Hemi V8 engine and eight-speed transmission these dual-cab vehicles hold a towing capacity of 5.7 tonnes making it perfect to take from the jobsite to the bay with the boat.
Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Boasting functionality, affordability and reliability with comfort this vehicle is perfect for anyone looking for a practical but deluxe vehicle that still packs a punch.

For more information on our Dodge Ram DT 1500 please contact us.

Dodge DT 1500