Sourcing & Importing a
Cadillac to Australia

1957 Cadillac Deville Convertible

1960 Cadillac Eldorado

Sourcing & Importing a Cadillac from the US to Australia.

Iconic American Imports has access to a wide range of quality Cadillac's across the USA and Canada. Our extensive network in America and Canada allows us to assist our valued clients in locating their dream Cadillac.



  Our Services Include:



   : Sourcing
   : Price Negotiating
   : Mechanical Inspections
: Secure Handover

   : US / Canada Land Transport
   : AUS Government Vehicle Import Approval

   : Storage
   : Asbestos Checks
   : Fumigation
   : AQIS Preparation
   : Packing
   : US Customs Clearance
   : Shipping

   : Insurance
   : Unpacking 
   : AUS Customs Clearance

   : AQIS clearance and delivery

Importing And Shipping

Packing Shipping Container

Mechanical Inspections